Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Thursday 24 August 2023

deltabluestips about 1980


I am not in a position to continue to work on any new lessons at the moment 

because of my health conditions 

I miss working so much

Thank you so much for the support I have been given

My Paypal email 


My complete archives are still available on a usb pen drive

you can contact me on the email above

This is what is costs me to send a usb pen drive 

at the current price of £70

over 40GB of lessons

It costs me £12.99 for a usb pen drive

£10 to post the usb drive

Paypal take £3.60

I can't survive in my present condition

I make about £1 per GB of lessons

This can't go on. 

Most of those who have bought the usb

have told me it should three times the price

so I have set a new price

Where could you get all that work and passion 

A lifetimes experience and enough work to last the buyer many years.

 Get all my archives



That's still a steal

My PayPal email